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Lead Generation

What is a sales lead?
A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service that is created when an individual or business shows interest and provides his or her contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings and other marketing efforts.

Actively looking for new business ?
If your company is actively looking for new business you will need to have a lead pipeline. You may decide keep the leads on a separate section in your data base so you can visit them regularly and keep any details of recent conversations up to date.If your sales team are doing their jobs and converting those leads into new customers, you will need to replenish your lead pipeline.There nothing worse than sitting down in a sales meeting and wondering where the next job is coming from because you have “nothing to go at”

How is your pipeline ?
You need keep your pipeline refreshed all the time. So trade shows (guard those business cards you have collected with your life!) email marketing, leaflet drops, website enquiries and of course telesales and telemarketing.

It is good idea to categorise the leads into “where they came from headings” that way you can concentrate your efforts on what works well for you. Don’t discard the other marketing methods though, they may not be working because you need to do something differently.

It is also a good idea to categorise leads into how quickly they will convert into customers and which ones will need more work on them. Perhaps do the same as we do which is to have A B C and D leads. A leads are red hot and need to be actioned every week and the others over three and six months. D leads are people that are not interested at this time.

Don’t water dead flowers!
It’s worth asking occasionally if a particular lead will ever convert or maybe you need to ask some more searching questions of the prospect.

As with all sales and marketing, it is time consuming and can be expensive. You have to weigh up the cost of your sales team generating all their own leads when they could be out visiting existing customers and signing up new ones.

This where telemarketing comes into its own. We can contact those business cards, the email openers, the trade show contacts and sort them for you, either identifying the ones who are really interested and arrange a face to face meeting or making sure they are followed up in a timely manner so that those hot leads don’t go cold. We can contact companies that you would like to work with, that you have not contacted before and open up a dialogue and relationships with the decision makers.

Do your need help building your lead pipeline ?
So you and your sales people will always have a healthy lead pipe line and plenty to go at. Contact 01827 302848 if you would like to discuss your lead generation requirements with us.

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