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The Importance of High Quality Lists

If you are a new business or a well-established organisation, you can’t market effectively without a list of companies that you would like to work with or at least start building a relationship with.

Building a good quality marketing list is essential, takes commitment and planning and of course that means it is time consuming. When you are trying to run your business as well as work on your business, chances are there are not enough hours in the day.​So how do you start list building?
The first thing is to make a note of contacts of companies that spring to mind when you think of your ideal customer. Have a look through the local papers, local directories and anyone you might already know.
Ask yourself do they qualify to go on my list. Are they right sort of company, are they solvent, will they pay their bills, do you want to work with them.

Don’t forget to add any existing contacts, if you are a member of the local chamber and you know people there, ask them if you can add them to your list and then check out the chamber directories and see if there are companies in there that you would like to contact.

Keep it all on a spread sheet by the way, so it is easily updated. Excel is the best one I think. The next plan for building lists, is to get involved in social media, so joining LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are obvious starts. Ask to connect and to link to people on those sites and be active and consistent when you do that. Ask people if they would like to join a list where you can send them more information about your company. Those that agree are prime prospects for future marketing. Those that don’t should not be on your list. But just because they said no this time, doesn’t mean you can’t ask them again.

You can also buy lists of contacts. This can be tricky so, you need to make sure you contact a reputable company who can sell you clean opted in data that is TPS checked and CCJ checked.

What kind of Information should be on the list?
What is on your list is up to you, but you should have the company name and address, the decision maker’s first name and surname, telephone number and email address. That is the very least that you need. You can also add industry types and activities so you can sort them and direct relevant marketing or telesales calls.

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List building takes time and effort but is well worth it when you start seeing results. Time is precious when running a company, so if you want to outsource your list building you can always call us on 01827 302848 and one of our team can help.

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