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We are a Telemarketing Company is the West Midlands - so what does Telemarketing mean exactly ?

To the experienced marketer like me it is obvious….you call a company up on the phone, speak to a relevant decision maker and using the call brief provided by your customer, you arrange a face to face meeting or telephone meeting for one of the sales people. How hard can it be right?

It Takes Time !
However, making meetings, or telephone appointments is hard and it is getting harder. You need data, you need data that is clean, you need to get passed the receptionist and when you do you have less than 30 seconds to get a message across that will make the MD/FD sit up and take notice and then agree to block out an hour of his busy schedule to see your client’s sales people.

It Takes Experience !
It takes a lot of experience, calling for a wide range of different industries, understanding what a client wants and then getting them in front of the right person. You have to be able to sound credible and professional on the phone and at the same time empathise with the person on the other end that he very busy and that he won’t have time for small talk.

Total Recall Business Services has over twenty years’ experience telemarketing for a wide range of industries, in particular IT, including. Support, Managed Services, Hosting or Website development.
We telemarket for accountants and have experience in talking about Tax Planning, VAT, Compliance, Accounts, Transaction Services, Exit Strategies and Corporate Finance.
We have also called for Financial Services, including pension planning and administration, auto enrolment and company investment planning.

Quality is key !
Even with our considerable experience, it is still difficult to generate good quality leads and appointments. The key words here are quality telemarketing leads. There is nothing worse than driving to a prospect, meeting the decision maker who then turns round and tells you that he can’t remember what you are there for or that he only agreed to meet to “ get the girl off the phone “
Our quality control is second to none. We don’t book meetings months in advance…..just to get one in the diary. We book them within a reasonable time frame, we also, if required will confirm the telemarketing meetings in advance to make sure that the meeting is in the prospects diary and that there aren’t any “no shows”.

Once the meeting has taken place, we liaise with our clients to see if anything needs to be followed up with further phone call so that valuable leads are not forgotten or wasted. Easily done if you are a busy company owner and you are trying to run your business and bring in new customers!

Give us a call !
We are based in the Tamworth but we have called for clients all over the country.

So if you need to bring in new business, we are a small established telemarketing company – give us call on 01827 302848 and see if we can help you.

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We supply telemarketing, lead generation, data cleansing, list building services to companies across the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.